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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Scooter headlight relay is out!

Well, the headlight relay that I bragged about a week ago is back out of the scooter. Damm... It really seemed perfect and the Easter Beaver proprietor seemed to have the right answer to the flickering headlight problem that I first mentioned. But somehow, the electrical system just did not like the simple changes that I made.

I have a LED voltmeter on my Phantom that lights up green when charging and yellow if there isn't proper charging voltage. As soon as I had the headlight relays installed and the stator's AC power shunted off the ignition switch, the charging system would only occasionally light up the green LEDs and stayed almost entirely in the yellow area.

I fussed with it. I took it to Darren's Quad & Cycle shop yesterday and three of us fussed with it, all to no avail. We did, with a bit of effort, get the kickstarter reinstalled and functioning, as I felt I might just need it if I couldn't fix the charging system. But we couldn't get the charging system to work as it always did in the past.

So today I took out the relays and put the wiring back into the original configuration, with just a little bit of soldering of the one previously cut wire. And although the lights flicker at idle, as it always did, the system is back working and charging perfectly.

The horn relay's still installed and working perfectly. I guess I'll be sending back the headlight relay to Eastern Beaver this week.

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